Likely - An owner surrender before shipping to Camelot Auction, he was 30+ years old, just passed away in November of 2016 at the ripe old age of 38.
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Oscar & Cody - Cody was rescued from Cranbury auction with a server case of lyme disease, which has now effected him neurologically
Cinder - Rescued from slaughter before photo, on previcox for life due to arthritis
Sky - Rescued from Camelot Auction minutes before loading on the slaughter truck.  She was a biter and kicked when arrived at the barn.  
Daisy - rescued from Cranbury auction in 2016, upon arriving she was diagnosed with strangles, she was in quarantine for three plus month.  After recovery we had blood tests done and was found to have lyme disease, was treated with Doxy. 

Cinder - 4 months after initial rescue
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Skye: Today - 2017 5 years later