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Rescued from Cranbury Auction. Used as a broodmare. Not saddle broke. 20+ years old.
Pulled by a company. Was at a show stable. Barn manager called Lori and she took him in. Worth $25,000 in his prime days. Has navicular and needs medication and special shoes. 
​5 years old. Was heading to auction when rescued. Abused. Currently has a sponsor. Currently in training.
20+ years old. Rescued from Cranbury Sale Stables. Was getting ready to be shipped. Foundered. Non-rideable. Full-time pasture puff :)
Rescued from Camelot Kill Pen with Cody. 
Rescued from Camelot Kill Pen (5 weeks before they bailed him). Contracted lyme when younger which was treated but had turned into neurological issuesCurrently in training.
Rescued from Cranbury Auction. Had strangles when rescued, she was VERY sick. She was at death's door. Un-handled. 7 years old.
Rescued from the Camelot Kill Pen with Sweat Pea. Was crippled before rescue. Had cracks all over hooves. Now he is sound and happy. 15+ years old. Currently has a sponsor.
Was found standing in a junkyard with 2 goats. Over 20 years old. (Picture was taken after she rolled...she also has unique coloring causing it to look wet)
Previously owned by a kill buyer. She was seconds away from being loaded on to the slaughter truck. She was able to be networked and Lori pulled her. Currently has a sponsor.
Currently in training.
She is the daughter of a previously pregnant rescued mare. Currently has a sponsor.
Was tossed around several barns that overworked him and then they sent him to auction. Saved from Camelot and given to Lori. 
An owner surrender due to floaters in front feet. She's not able to be ridden anymore. 20+ years old. 
Saved from Camelot. Came to the rescue alongside Cinder. 6 years old. Currently in training.
Daughter of a previously pregnant rescued pony mare (Fancy).  Fancy started the pony rides for our sister branch Runabout Farm. Silly now carries on that legacy doing parties for children.   Pony Party Expert.
Before and after photos. She is the great great granddaughter of well-known race horse, Secretariat. Ended up at Camelot as a yearling. Currently has a sponsor.
Rescued by Lori. Happy and healthy. Fast little pony with lots of energy. Despite being energetic she is a very lovable little mare. Currently in training.
A.k.a. Welly. Abandoned at a barn in Bedford, NY clinging on to life. He was severely neglected. Hackney. Has Cushing's Disease. 20+ years old. Pony Party Expert.
Was used as a show pony at Silvermine Stables. They surrendered him to the rescue because he no longer could jump. Has Cushing's Disease. He is over 25 years old and still acts like a young gelding.  Pony Party Expert.