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Apache's Promise is an Animal Rescue that is 100% committed to our animals.  100% of our donations go towards our animals.  We believe that an animal should live in peace and harmony and with out pain, young or old.

We are trying to help as many animals as we possibly can, we work closely with other animal rescue organizations to place animals we can not take.  If you have an animals or know of one that is being mistreated, please contact us and we will do what needs to be done to place the animal in a safe home.

This is part of the reason we need your help, please donate, even a minimal amount will help feed a chicken, goat, lamb, duck, etc...

If you are uncomfortable with donating directly to the rescue but would like to donate, you can contact our veterinary practice and donate towards our vet bills, or you can send a check directly to: (please make sure you let them know it's for Apache's Promise) 

Mid-Hudson Veterinary Practice, P.C.
394 Route 52
Carmel, NY 10512

Each of our animals are given a full exam upon adoption so as you can imagine, our bills are high and any support you can give, is very much appreciated.:
Donations include anything you can assist with, crates, feed, medical supplies, halters, lead ropes, blankets & sheets, etc