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Apache's Promise, Inc.
P.O. Box 3564
Stamford, CT 06905
Phone: 203-667-5397
or 914-299-5580
Official 501c3
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    Apache's Promise was formed because of a promise a little girl made to her first pony, Apache ... back in 1973.  After 41 years this promise and dream has now become a reality: "Apache's Promise Animal Rescue".    Lori, the founder, was this 11 year old girl.  Apache was her first pony. 

    A 14 hand mare pony, purchased from a next door neighbors outside field lived the rest of her life with Lori.  The two were together everyday.  Lori would run home from school and rush to the barn just to clean stalls and spend time with her.  She didn't miss a day.   

    As the years passed by, Lori, being well into her 30's, had to face the fact that Apache was not going to be with her forever and she was getting older.  It was thanksgiving night and like every other night, Lori arrived at the barn to feed and check on Apache and her other animals, she found Apache laying down in her stall breathing heavy.  Lori sat down next to her and placed her head in her lap, it was then that apache took her last breath, looking up at Lori.... she was gone.  We believe that Apache waited for Lori to arrive as she needed to say goodbye.  There is nothing in the world like loosing your first "best friend"... this is "Apache's Promise".

    Lori has kept her Promise to Apache ever since.  She has saved many animals, not just horses and ponies.  She has a tough road to follow as there are many animals in need.  Although she cannot save them all herself, she tries as hard as she can. 

    This has become a very costly promise and along with her sister, she is doing the best she can to help as many as she can.  We would ask anyone who can help with even the minimal $ amount to please do so.  We appreciate anything you can give.  

Thank you for helping Lori keep her promise!
Official 501c3 Organization **Non-Profit**